band saw

Wide Bandsaw Blades for the Resaws : Stenner 36, Stenner 48, Stenner 54, Multi-Head, Robinson, MEM etc… for primary log break down and Resaws.
Either Stellited or Swaged these blades are made to order by the largest manufacturer in Europe: Forezienne company.
(Photo “Bandsaw”) “Extra Sharp” Narrow Band Saw Blades. 6mm up to 25mm width. Generally 3-6 tpi. Welded to length Typically for Griggio, Centauro, Bernardo, Startrite etc…
( Phot “mobile sawmill”)Mobile Bandsaw Blades suitable for Woodmizer, Baker, Logosol etc…
We can also supply you with disposable bandsaw blades (can be a good option for a stenner Stenner36).

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