Bandsaw Blades


Wide Bandsaw Blades for Resaws  & Headrigs

Wide bandsaw Blade 1Either Stellited or Swaged these blades are made to order by the largest manufacturer in Europe: Forezienne company.Typically for Bandmills, Bandracks, Resaws & Multi-Head Resaws. Most common machine brands are Stenner, Robinson & MEM


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Narrow Bandsaw Blades

“Extra Sharp” Narrow Bandsaw Blades. 6mm (1/4”) up to 25mm (1”) width . Generally 3-6 TPI.  Our “Extra Sharp” blades are sharpened with a unique patented technique for the sharpest cutting edge… Welded to length Typically for Griggio, Centauro, Bernardo, Startrite etc…

Mobile Bandsaw Blades

mobile sawmill


Mobile Bandsaw Blades suitable for Woodmizer, Baker, Logosol, Forestor Multi-Head Horizontal resaw etc…High quality steel is used and blades are typically 32mm or 38mm wide. All blades supplied ready to run either set only, induction hardened or even stellited. 



Induction HardenedDisposable Bandsaw Blades

Disposable Bandsaw Blades are rapidly increasing in popularity for some Resaws; the likes of Stenner VHM 36 ( 3 foot pulleys) that would traditionally have run 18’4” long  x 4” width stellited or swaged blades .  Disposable blades have induction hardened tips and come in max  2 ½” width. Great value!