Chipper Knives

Chipper Knives , canter /slabber knives

Chipper Knives , canter /slabber knives are made from made from a special alloy with harness 54-56 HRc. Most common dimensions for Bruks, Klockner, Morbark, Vecoplan & Wema Probst are rapidly available. 




Planer Knives & Serrated Knives

Planer Knives & Serrated Knives. Available in HSS & HM ( carbide quality). Planer knives are typically available in 25mm, 30mm & 35mm widths. Shortest length is 100mm and longest is 520mm. Serrated Knives available  in HSS and various lengths up to 280mm. We can arrange for your profile…


reversible planer blade


Disposable Knives for planing

Disposable Knives for planing systems such as Tersa are fast increasing in popularity. These knives are designed for a perfect fit in the driving shaft. Available in HSS & HM ( carbide). A very fine grained composition with a polished finish guarantees extended tool life.



reversible-knives-planer-blade-carbide-insert spiral cutter block

Carbide Turnover / Reversible Knives

Carbide Turnover / Reversible Knives,  spurs etc… are often used in rebating & tenoning .  Commonly used on Wadkin, SCM machines etc… Used in general joinery applications; knives come with 2 or 4 cutting edges. Our carbide inserts are excellent quality “ Made in Germany”… Please request a quote!


knives portable electric planer


Portable Electric Planer Knives

Portable Electric Planer Knives are available in HM (carbide) for ultimate life, up to 10-12 longer lasting than High Speed Steel (HSS). Super durable and tough. These are most commonly used on Maffel, Makita, Metabo, Skil & Ryobi portable electric planers.